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PA SPUDS Gas & Oil DB Now Available!

I know of no mainstream environmental group that is out in the field and collecting samples, taking field tests or documenting town and county meetings.  I feel this reveals the influence of the industry, no mater what side you feel you are on, I’d like to believe we are all on the side of the truth,  that is to say…  It is for the benefit of all to know if something fishy occurs at a town board meeting, or what is the content of a water or air sample taken.  Let me assure you, there are plenty of negative results, that show no issue, but it all depends on the where, when, how of taking the test and the method and procedure used.  There are so many things to test and so many thing I can assert the PA DEP has never tested.  The question is, do you feel these tests are important?  -Leland T. Snyder

If the company holds a lease, they really have to drill to avoid renewing the lease no mater what the atw price is.  Find out the MCF’s ATW in PA.

Find out the MCFs produced by any well.

I calculated 2.5 million tons of solid waste has been transported from PA gas well sites.  That’s about half the weight of the Great Pyramid  in waste!

Find out where the waste goes.

Check the database, find the violations in your area, or the violations in general.

Find the Violation on a well!

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